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Fagtor is a company with national capitals located in the town of Bombal, south of the Province of Santa Fe.
In 1976, Don Juan Ortolani and Manuel Pedro Torres started working on the idea they had been talking about for some time: to have a repairing workshop in the town to serve agricultural producers, with the necessary tools to perform any type of repairs. With the passing of time they started to incorporate personnel and the first mass production was achieved to supply companies which manufacture agricultural machinery, at the same time the workshop was being expanded with the purchase of lathes and other tool machinery.
Fagtor consolidated as a family company with the incorporation of Manuel Pedro Torres’s three children, who are in charge of different strategic areas of the organization.

A long time has passed and in Fagtor we continue transforming and adapting ourselves to each stage of the sector growth. Nowadays, our main activity consists in manufacturing high performance and high quality components for agribusiness.
We have a wide range of machinery and we are constantly incorporating technology and professionalism to the processes. Also, all our Human Resources are constantly being trained since it is our belief that this is an essential aspect for the steady progress of our company.

Due to the current global context in which we are immersed, some time ago our experiences abroad started to take place, involving trips to exhibitions, product tests and the respective modifications to adapt ourselves to each market. Therefore, after a lot of effort and dedication, the time arrived for our first export of boxes to the U.S.A. and Brazil.
Currently, in the company we continue developing products in foreign markets, looking forward to spreading our commercial horizon increasingly. In Fagtor we supply the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Argentina; as a result, our products are in several places all around the world what makes us enormously proud.